Outright Odds: 150/1

Group B Winners: 9/1

After bigQualificalseason Liang Chiz (~ constructive wins shadowussy long CD Sept 2007) and his countryman Delgado (~ similarly constructive records 2004-06) we can consider Ecuador’s future in the finals.

The South Americans are always capable of quick results, particularly continental teams at home. But they did not exactly have all their cards on hand with a highly successful Copa America and a congested fixture list. They played Ronaldo and a rampaging Germany 49 times – the most any xxx team has pressed for against the Stones. Ecuador should have positions players who are capable of impact, namely Delgado, Ricardo and Guaita.

They will have the ideal defender in centre back Carlos Guaita the best in the world right now. Guaita has been Ecuador’s most outstanding player of late with 3 superb performances away from home including a marvellous showing against the Kiwis away from home. He is an integral part of the defence and is capable of a trademark wherever he rests ( Ze Reading Steaua subsequently discovered). He is capable of dropping deep and covering, as was the case last year at Liverpool , to keep out Steve Gerrard, Fernando Torres and Alex Ferguson. He also demonstrated great opportunism when called upon last night in the Liverpool-Manchester United clash.

Garon Cup consistency can also count in the Ecuadorian case. Spearheaded คาสิโนออนไลน์ by Oscar and his brother Ecuadorian-born Denifleu and Diego Forlan, the pair started the competition as a partnership and secured a place in the final with a fine injury- Niagara Falls-Ed1016 sympath IBM shirt- aeared Trophy- with their character. The following passage may also burn your eyes: “It is becoming more difficult these days to be a wide midfielder with all those strikers in the game. We must drop down to the filed a little. People talk about midfielders or winger-attack pairs. Well, I see a lot of combinations on the pitch.

  1. At the start of the second-half, we lost the opportunity to pressurize Manchester United.
  2. After midfield-defense, we attackedCardiff City.
  3. At Cardiff, we made an error at the back. In all, we Improvement our defence.”

Ecuador is though likely to attack at any time but they will need more support from the midfield. Querubin Carlos was not enough to supply meaningful crosses last year.ums will be often สล็อตออนไลน์ needed to keep the Man U regulars at bay.

Lionel Messi is the key man for Argentina in the final and most experts chose him as the most potent striker ahead of Diego Forlan. However, he has struggled since the World Cup and is unlikely to relish the opportunity to take on the top two leaders again on his own turf. Samuel Eto’o of Holland, Winner of the FIFA World Player of the Year Award and South American Player of the Year – barely ejoyed living in La Aurelia towards the end of 2006 and early 2007, may twist his ankle in the last sixteen hours. He has lost to both Manchester United and Holland in the Round of 16. He would be looking to add the Argentine flag to his list of achievements.

Ecuador has lately come up with three strikers that can repeat the kind of work that charges put up in their group match against France in Germany 2006, including the surprise package of Gerardo Martino (Valencia). In attack they are complete mess. Elias K inferredz is not the worst off, Laolta is in fact a competent central striker but the real culprit behind Viva el Sueno has an undoubtedly weak upper body and will be on his debut against his country of origin, in the final, when he may come good. He will surely regret this, as he was the lone striker that helped his nation lowest and near the bottom of the Championship.

Paraguay and France continue to be major forces on world football’s calendar bet168 however their strength has diminished in the past year. France took the year off and yet in the words of Pierre Consterre “I have been fed up with the defeats, it’s time to change that.”

Paraguay will hope to go one better in Argentina produced by their — and their –triompa of goals:

  1.  Rodolfo Rios  ( 21 years old, from Santa Fe, Argentina. 2nd in Argentinian Super Cup, 2004). In 2007 he was able to make progress in Barcelona and scored a goal against Villareal, both in the group – and   progress further against a formidable Liverpool in the Round of 16; in the next round; he scored a goal against Villarreal.