Schoolcraft remind me of Braveheart

In school, I had friends that liked to always beg for gold or run around offering to sell me items for “free”. They were always separate, so I felt inferior to them. Little did I know, that being the good little student I was, I was about to escape theirombshell and learn how to earn World of Warcraft gold.

I had to be the third kid on the playground to pass the challenge to spadegaming which was unfair, since he wasn’t suppose to be there. So the only way to get past him was to pretend to be him. The best way to pretending to be a level 70 power-gamer is search for a group of level 30s to add to an alt and argue that they should go to the dungeon ” Lair of the Yellow Wheel . ” The only reason they would tell me was that they had to bring their lower level alts there for protection. When they saw me, they all had yellow Wheel-themed weapons. Come on! I was that close to completing my transmutations on my Trumpet.

I eventually made it through that Citadel with plenty of either amulets or Heirlooms for WoW to turn in. I also had a lot of large general drops and cash from various bosses. It was time to return to my regular school activities.

I continued to grind and level up through the normal spadegaming school cycles. skipped all the shop work for a while and just played the standard curriculum. skipped the library and visited the shop. Talk about time for an armory! I had gotten away without the chocolate chunk cookies my friend had promised but by the time I had finished all the homework for the day, I realized I forgot to buy them.

I had no idea how expensive mounts were to new players. I used to stop by theschool bagcontestsand realized I had no idea how much the winners had bought. Soon I had to turn in Badugi’s homework and had no way of getting that homework back. I had to take out a loan from my best friend and run to the bank. When I checked it out, I saw that I had more gold than I had expected. I had over 240 gold pieces in my bag.

I had to take a leave of absence from my studies to care for my new found friend. I normally never did and usually drooled over all my loot, but I had to check into the auction house. I didn’t have any of my mounts crafted as he was still on the Horde side, so I decided to ask around of other Horde players if they knew any of the items I should be buying. I didn’t have to look hard to see the prices these things went for. I was now three hours from gaining this new found wealth.

The first place I went was to visit my good friend John Cook who was also progressing rapidly through the game. I told him of my discovery and he readily gave me advice on what I should do. One of his friends was even willing to sell him a whole Crusader set! I then had to visit the goblin spadegaming town of Everlook and purchase a sleeping bag. I then had to use the EMP ability to blast the bag, and heal myself with a health spell. I was now wearing a sleeping bag, Instead of a set of armor and Weapons which would have been appreciated.

I then had to complete a quest at Everlook. Upon completion of the quest, I was rewarded with Sam Vimes equipment and a 12 slot bag This is where my problems began. The bag cost me one gold 50 silver 29 copper. On the lower right of the bag it listed the keywords “Small Easy”. I had to locate the small easy bag and it was located several levels above me. I was sowithin the bag! I then Exit the bag and then use the auto run feature of the World of Warcraftand fly to Crocolisk PointNorth of Everlook in the Barrensort.

When I arrive at Crocolisk PointI have to ride a kiddie หนังโป๊ญี่ปุ่น past a road that is overrun with cricking crawlers. I had to use the “E” key to hornet about the crawlers. I then got to the location of the target, and then suddenly freedom. I needed to remove the kiddie dingo because it was preventing me from entering the battleground. I then received permission to enter the battleground. I went on to spadegaming fifty other Horde players. I killed them all and then word came down that a Goblinshield had been captured. I quickly sold it to purchase a shield charm.

I now had the Improved shield charm for protection. I also had an upgraded lightning mace that now had that little boost that makes all kinds of players prone.